James Connolly on the state’s sanitising of the Lockout

by burtenshaw

1914.-James-Connolly-and-James-Larkin-with-members-of-the-Irish-Transport-and-General-Workers-Union.Connolly and Larkin with the National Executive of the Irish TUC and Labour Party, 1914

When we reflect on today’s attempt by the state to sanitise the Lockout and Larkin it’s worth remembering James Connolly’s passage about Wolfe Tone in Socialism and Nationalism:

“He was crucified in life, now he is idolised in death, and the men who push forward most arrogantly to burn incense at the altar of his fame are drawn from the very class who, were he alive to-day, would hasten to repudiate him as a dangerous malcontent. False as they are to every one of the great principles to which our hero consecrated his life, they cannot hope to deceive the popular instinct, and their presence at these commemorations will only bring into greater relief the depth to which they have sunk.”

1173907_10201169488093560_1792065220_nLabour Party leader and Tánaiste in the austerity government Eamon Gilmore standing at Jim Larkin’s statue today.